Rewards Card

Rewards Card

Save time and money with the Commissary Rewards Card! Manufacturers have provided coupons for our customers to help make the most of your benefit. These coupons are available on our eCommerce website -

Simply pick up your Rewards Card at any location worldwide and create an account on the website. You can add your Rewards Card information during the account creation process or, if you already have a account, you can add your Rewards Card information on your My Account page here.


How the Rewards Card Works


How to Clip Coupons:

1. Visit

2. Click on "Coupons" under the "Savings" menu item. 

Click coupons under the "Savings" menu item.

3. Search or browse for desired coupons. You can browse by category by using the menu on the left. When you see a coupon you like simply click "Clip & Save" below the coupon to claim it. You will see a pop-up showing the coupon details and the button will change to "clipped".

Click "Clip & Save".

4. You can view all of your clipped coupons by clicking the "My Digital Coupons" button at the top of the page. 

My digital coupons page sampleMy Coupons Page


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