How the Rewards Card Works

  1. Pick up your card at your local commissary.
  2. Register it through the site.
  3. Log into your account periodically to load new coupons on your card.
  4. Scan the card at the register to apply the coupons to purchases.

Using Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are paperless and work automatically when you load them on your card through your online account and scan your card at checkout.


Just like paper coupons, these coupons are offered by manufacturers and have expiration dates and terms and conditions that must be followed for redemption. In most cases, manufacturers will only allow one coupon per customer.


New coupons are posted as soon as they become available, sometimes every day. However, because manufacturers limit the availability of each coupon based on their budget, coupons eventually disappear, some faster than others.


Once a coupon is clipped, it remains on a patron's card until it is redeemed or expires.


Unlike paper coupons, digital coupons are not valid for up to six months after expiration OCONUS. One of the advantages of digital coupons is that they are available to all our customers worldwide instantly, so our overseas customers won't need extra time to be able to use these coupons. Once a digital coupon expires, it will disappear from your account.


Coupon Rules

Manufacturers provide the rules associated with each digital coupon:

  • Most manufacturers' digital coupons are single-use coupons, meaning that they can apply only to one unit of that particular item in your cart.
  • At no time will two or more coupons be used on the purchase of one item.
  • Although commissaries still accept paper coupons, you cannot "stack" digital and paper coupons by applying one of each to a single item. While both digital and paper coupons can be used in the same transaction, they cannot be used on the same item or set of items.
  • Digital coupons will not be valid for more than the price of the item you are purchasing.
  • If you use a digital coupon for an item that you end up returning, the coupon cannot be reused and it will no longer be available on your account.

In the event of a communication system failure that prevents crediting of the digital coupon at the register at time of check-out, digital coupons will not be applied on that transaction.


However, if the coupons have not reached their expiration date, they will remain on a customer's Rewards Card for use on a future visit.


Due to different sizes and classes of commissaries, not all products are available at all stores.

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