Patron Savings


We’re passionate about your savings.

The Defense Commissary Agency aims to save customers at least 25% on your grocery bill. We are passionate about offering all of our customers savings across all product lines as well as through sales promotions, discounted prices on popular items through our Your Everyday Savings! (YES!) program, and through our Commissary Store Brands. Additionally, the Commissary Rewards Card provides instant savings and "Buy One, Get One (BOGO)" deals, as well as digital coupons. The following calculated savings compares regional and national grocery retailer prices (including tax) against commissary prices (including surcharge). Savings may differ globally due to cost-of-living factors such as housing, transportation costs and taxes. You can expect these average regional savings at your local Commissary.

The FY 2024 Q1 baseline savings Global, US and Overseas are as follows:

(Region: number of commissaries, savings percentage*)

Global Average: 235, 25.4%

  • US Average: 45, 22.8%
  • Overseas: 58, 38.1%

US Regions

  • New England: 9, 23.1%
  • South Atlantic: 7, 21.3%
  • South Central: 9, 18.5%
  • Pacific: 8, 24.8%
  • Mountain: 5, 20.2%
  • North Central: 4, 21.8%
  • Alaska / Hawaii: 2, 33.0%
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